Removing Two Pages (800 Subscribers)

Airplane copyAfter I post my first video on YouTube, I will remove the page because I don’t want the connection between the two. When you see the content of the videos you will understand.

After I publish the first episode of Passport Bear I will remove the page after two years of being up. The upcoming episodes won’t be the actual scenes from the story I wrote, but a spinoff of the concept. Speaking of comics, after I upgraded my operating system from Snow Leopard to Yosemite my Bamboo Tablet became incompatible with it. The only thing I can do is get another software (NOT!) or downgrade back to 10.6.8 which I think I will do. The few days I have had this upgrade has been a nightmare. So if you don’t see a comic in the next few days its because I need to stall to take advantage of some of these new features. Like the ones in iMovie.

I hate WordPress stats but shout-out to Radiantly Raven for becoming my 800th subscriber. She has a cool sense of humor. She blogs about health, fashion, and day to day stuff. Go support her!


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