4/21: Big YouTube Update Regarding Numbers

My channel as a whole recently passed the 500K mark. My highest viewed video just passed the 300K mark. A video I put out a week ago passed the 50K mark. A video I put out not even 24 hours ago is already at 4K. I literally just dropped another video about 2 mins ago that I project to also do well. If you haven’t seen my last post (probably temporarily up), my YouTube channel has surpassed the numbers of followers I have on WordPress.


My YouTube Channel just surpassed this blog in followers!!!

This blog has 1,100 followers. After hitting the thousand subscriber milestone on my channel a few days, I quickly gained another century. My count is now at 1,112. This is 6 months versus 8 years right here.

My 8th blogiversary is coming up in May. Since the 7th I’ve been contemplating retiring this blog and moving on. Now this doesn’t mean I will stop writing because writing is a part of my identity. I’ve been creatively writing since at least 3rd grade. Two reasons why I wanted to move on. One, 7 is the number of completion and in the 7 years I’ve been on here I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do back in May 2011. Two, I wanted to avoid certain people reading my work.

One of the new features of getting a thousand subs is community posts, which acts like a blog post itself. You can post a picture and write. I’m thinking about transferring my writing there.

Happy 420!!! Here’s what I wrote last year

“Cici Better See-See Me” (WordPresident #22)

I’m not the type to throw the word “love” around … unless you are around
Dress you in LV
Put the round around your neckie
That E, deadly
If looks could kill
I’m six feet
That means
I’m falling harder in love
Harder in Love
Parted the gloves
Shawty is a … 10, a knockout, starry and doves
Sorry to scrub … the E off
But the silence didn’t turn me off
Meep meep gone
Wasn’t blasted to hell
Just was casted a spell on my bee’s scrawl
Maybe the round don’t have to be a round?
Maybe a half a round?
Yeah-yeah, it deserve to be U in that emergency room for the fourth time having the Fourth’s first
And probably last? surgery to the purpley foods
Eggplant and grapes
Let me just say stars align over Star Wars but May The Fourth Be With You like the anniversary to
Futuristically yours, the purging of used, the purpose of new
She even worded a few self-letters in reverse it was cool
If I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet, U-N-I I’m merging the two
Become 1, damn, did I just mix letters with numbers? Guess I did some learning in school because it did help me later in life, to the math teachers that made me show my work and the proof you certainly rule
Reminded of one of my favorite verses from Lu’
“Cici better see-see me” thought he was talking about email when I heard it, a fool
Swerving them boos to park in Cha’s lot
Oops I forgot the R oooh looks like you forgot it too
Question, if I hollered your username to the heavens, would you think about my absence or your presence?
I know, headspin, no, all l I know is the former need to be former and the latter needs to be a ladder to heaven
Be my angel food I’m left with Hellmann’s
At first I couldn’t tell the difference
It was dessert, sandwich second
And don’t even get me started on my breakfast
I said don’t get me started on breakfast
I said … I said …
You heard what I said? I said don’t get me started on breakfast (She don’t hear me tho like she ain’t near me tho, TURN UP! Bring your ass to the front like I can see your ass from the front! Why shawt tryna rear-end me folk?)
Girl, you should’ve never got me started (over there looking like a meal on wheels for real, 3 course of course throwing me off course got me coarse hahahahaha)

Chicken Sexer

Raw chicken
Or a white couple on a mission
The drumsticks are her legs wrapped around his waist
As if she’s trying to keep his pants on, haha, too little, too late

The bottom where the cockerel at
Because in 4 minutes the bun in the oven taking the top rack
The oven window fogged up
Opening the door will get ya hot and bothered

Roast chicken
Or a black couple in position
The wings are her arms wrapped around his back
The nails dig in when it’s time to eat, fruit roll-up tongue looking like a snack

Somebody done ate too much
Now you gotta unbutt, unbutt, unbutt
Somebody took many many licks
Now you gotta unzip, unzip, unzip
Somebody had too much sauce
Why don’t you just take your pants off, off, off

YouTube update in comments

Bomb A** Eggs (WordPresident #20)

Inspired by rain and my son. Only 1000 IQ and Big PP will understand.

Pitter patter of baby Jesus tears on the orange, blue, green and yellow panes
Pitter patter of Jesús tiny feet across the hardwood
Until he knocked the lava lamp to the floor
The higher ground is the coffee table
“Ahhh that’s hot!”
Splishy splashy into the galette des rois
Excuse my French, that’s molten chocolate
Fly like MJ
To the wall, get high like the boyfriend of MJ
Now the tar heels and 10 little piggies are safe in Charlotte’s web
The flash of lightning enlightened him on, where he parked his race car bed
The thunder stole some brodie’s thunder and made the Thunderbird’s alarm go off
Bolted to the bolts and pushed the little red button
“Ahhh that’s not hot!”
Thanks to terrible two’s temper tantrum T-Bird hasn’t left the nest
“Ahhh that’s hot!”
The pitter patter of our amigo off set is 172 centimeters on the growth chart
But the cries in Spanish takes off the popcorn ceiling, my monte negro
“Tell me you’re JKing? That babbling was about something else, baby boy”
“You remember the little red button? Oh! The red button there kid, don’t ever, ever touch the red button!”
“Now I’m kicking these bomb ass scrambled eggs off the airplane”
“Go to your woom and fall asleep at the wheel”
“Look at him! Walking like he drunk” SMH
“Aye, B.C. , please catch some Z’s so my XY can go from E to F in his V”
The F stands for full, not ‘cause you got some of my bomb ass eggs
Only Special K between the box and the bag for U … SWERVE
“You’sa corn pops”
Nah, the hand that rocks the cradle just cares about passing the rock to the hot hand
There’s holes in de-fense
Shoot the J, shoo-shoo-shoot it
No matter if he’s the cereal killer and I’m being a pig, the PTO is still spent having Life for breakfast
So I guess my son caught the W? I’ll take that L and right on cue J-R lets me know it’s the lowercase l to remind me I’m still number 1
But yo! Our last time out, short hand ticked me off asking me to read text messages for his bedtime story
No-no-no-no-no wonder you saying G-G-G-G like 50 Cent instead of goo-goo ga-ga
GN, I’ma let you get some R & R
But at 0600 hours if you don’t have your walkie talkie right the games stop I’m throwing Green Eggs and Ma’am at you