Crippling Choices

Dear Har-old,

Just as I was preparing to write you a letter on the topic of Indecision, a decision had to be made: AT and iPhone or Virgin Mobile and Android? You chose the latter. Great decision all-around. Ultimately, you came to this decision by comparing your last AT&T bill to what your Virgin Mobile bill will be a month. Saving $54 a month isn’t bad, huh?

And that’s what I want you to continue to do. Every-time faced with a Choice A and Choice B decision, I want you to evaluate how both will impact your future. Because being stuck in another 2 year contract with AT&T when you don’t have no income coming in is a waste of money.

*Note* I want you to always make it a Choice A and Choice B decision even and especially when the choices are infinite. Like Robert Greene said, “Too many choices can cripple and paralyze you to the point where it can hinder your ability to choose.” And speaking of Robert Greene, disdain things you cannot have. Ignore them!

You can’t have the iPhone now because you are on this crazy adventure called entrepreneurism and you need to save, save, save.

Fittingly, we are on the topic of books and money and you made another brilliant decision at the suggestion of an author. You canceled your $16.95 monthly subscription to Equifax’s credit monitoring services. That’s applying what you read! Keep working!

This won’t be the last letter I write to you regarding Indecision. But you don’t only have me at your disposal for help with making decisions. Napoleon Hill has dedicated an entire chapter on Decision in Think and Grow Rich. You can read articles and M.I.T’s on Brian Kim’s website. You can read Indecision quotes on Brainy Quotes. One of my favorite quotes on there is from Maimonides, “The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.” And lastly, learn to laugh at yourself. Don’t take your indecision seriously. It’s temporary! You will conquer it!

Futuristically yours,



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