The Future You Is Telling The Present You To THANK The Past You

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Dear Har-old,

Because I am the future, foresight is the main “cheat” available to you.

The following will establish your foundation.

First. Learn to live with regrets. Not without. To regret is to learn something new. What you don’t know, learn about; what you do know, learn more about. Regret only cheats you when you beat yourself up over your research skills and when you try the impossible: change the past. Regret aids foresight because the past guides it. History repeats itself.

Second. Learn how to play chess. The best way to improve your ability to think ahead is to practice thinking ahead. Chess strategy consists of setting and achieving long-term goals during the game. Players take a chess approach to life too.

Third. Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Read and assimilate Law 29 in The 48 Laws of Power. Your transgression was not seeing it 3 hours away. You should’ve envisioned and planned your reaction to every possible worse case scenario inspired by Betty & Co. Because you didn’t put your reaction under control, you was left to improvise.  Five disagreements since you have been back; three of those had the potential for death or prison. Death or prison. DO NOT DIM ME! Now you have hindsight bias, shaking your head and saying, “I knew this was gone happen.” WELL, WHY THE HELL YOU LET IT HAPPEN?!

Your observance is the milestone of 30k. Your money is the root of evil. And that evil is a job you hated. So, if you let what you start with waste away, you will be right back in another job you hate. Let that motivate you! You are an ENTREPRENEUR! Nothing else! You didn’t know at the time but now you know why you consistently saved. So, the future you is telling the present you to THANK the past you. You are a lot closer to two billion with 30k than you are being broke. Your first 100k will be a bitch so work dog-gone hard, man. You’ve been stuck on 30k for too damn long. Since you don’t have income coming in, what you built can be easily demolished by little things such as food, bills, hygiene items, unexpected expenses, etc. Remember: It’s better to be in a by-choice situation than a by-force one. The world is yours!

Futuristically yours,



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