You Need To Go On A Clutter Diet

Dear Shae,

Clutter surrounds you in every aspect of your life. From your crazy unorganized scattered thoughts to your crazy and disturbingly unorganized personal quarters. You have begun to take notice of how your clutter hinders you. You stand there shocked because you never considered it cluttered before, but more as a “convenient personal expression.” Man, you’ve got quite a bit of it and made great use of it too. You sit and ponder that now, and want to stop sitting. You get up, look around, move some stuff and sit back down one hour later, look up, things look the same. That is not removing clutter, it’s called moving stuff around. You have a goal, but can’t seem to get things done as fast as you should. What’s the problem? Well let’s sit back and take a look. You are still developing your own sense of organization and time management without having any previous understanding (consistent application) of these two increasingly vital aspects. You notice how behind you must seem to others, well sorry if they feel that way but that’s EXACTLY WHY you have work to do. Free time has come to you in abundance and everyone is looking forward to seeing more of you. Where are you? Researching those random questions  about your new interest on the net? No, maybe this time you decided to exercise the rest of the day instead of tackle the mass of clutter in your life. Girl, YOU HAVE GOT TO GET IT TOGETHER! What you are doing is running in a circle. You say, “I have to get everything together”…”I’m working on it,” but are you really? Do you consistently put forth an effort to make the needed changes before anything else? At the end of EVERYDAY do you feel like you have taken two steps forward?  Sorry, but I’m not very convinced when you say “umm…” so I have to interject. Your problem now is time management. You have things that are TOP PRIORITY and are first; then you have things that are HOBBIES nonetheless and are second. You need to start following this order! This is a key feature of mental organization. It is up to you how you’re going to spend your 24 hours. You have made your plans, so stick to them! So you started waking up early and looking to the “to-do” list, and that’s great! But what good is it when you have priorities to knock out and decide to go draw or work out instead? WTF?! That is not even smart Shae, not even sometimes. Yes its creative, yes its fun, but hey guess what, you can’t have fun just yet remember; it’s on that second list. At the end of the day, you still have to sit and tally those bananas. Tomorrow you will have more work to do because YOU DID NOT FOLLOW THROUGH with a priority. You will also have to disappoint those waiting on you to get it together.  You could stay stuck in your current cycle, not heed this warning and see what happens, but I’m sure you won’t do that. You’re a smart girl. Sometimes you just need to stop, listen to me, and be reminded of your priorities. Remain consistent in removing that clutter and then we can move on down the list.

Futuristically yours,

“The clouds you want to sit on”


4 thoughts on “You Need To Go On A Clutter Diet”

  1. Exercise helps me think better. If it helps you too imagine how organized your thoughts will be after you removed the clutter. Keep us up to date on your progress!


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