Har-old, I Am Your Father!

Dear Har-old,

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “When one has not had a good father, one must create one.”

Har-old, I am your father!

Remember: You are your own father.

Do not let yourself spend years creating yourself only to let your guard down and allow the ghost of the past-father, habit, history-to sneak back in.

Because as you grow older, you must be eternally vigilant lest you become the father you rebelled against.

Eliminate the human father!

It’s there. But intensify your dislike for him!

Hate his cunning, his “gift of gab”, his drinking and whoring, his love of wrestling, sowing of wild oats, criminality, hate the name and number and keeping it alive through your son, his “papa was a rolling stone” nature and all his other wastes of time.

Make yourself the very opposite!

You’re already honest, shy and quiet, never drinked or “whored” yourself, don’t watch wrestling as much as you use to, have no kids, never been imprisoned, have innumerable aliases, and you will be the World’s Number One Dad (hint, hint).

Move in a totally different direction.

Create your own world!

Futuristically yours,



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