“Catch” Phrases

The waiting room day and night
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Dear Har-old,

“I can’t wait … ”

“I don’t have time for … ”

Catch these phrases as you say them.

These phrases indirectly contribute to impatience.

Impatience is one of the from’s we are working on.

Remember: You have nothing but time!

Patience is a skill-it will NOT come naturally.

Everything good WILL happen IF you give it time:

The grass WILL grow again.

You WILL be the first in line.

She WILL have sex.

The red-light WILL turn green.

Your money WILL be together … again.

That person WILL shut up.


Think of yourself as a Prisoner Of Patience.

Think before you speak.

Next time you are on the verge of saying one of those phrases, catch it and re-word it:

“I will not tolerate … ”

“I’m a busy man.”

Patience will also improve your foresight.

Often misquoted and it is no exception here: “If you build it (improve the from’s impatience and living for the moment), they will come (the to’s patience and foresight).”

Futuristically yours,



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