I Bet You’re Thinking I’m Talking About You

Dear Har-old,

I know, I know, I know.

You’re a “private” person.

And journals, diaries are meant for your eyes only.

“Don’t write what you don’t want others to read,” they say.

But I’m not trying to get people interested in YOUR life.

I am trying to get people interested in THEIR life, THEIR future.

Do not be so vain!

This is about the blog’s concept; not about you, Har-old.

Sure, these letters take on a personal nature, but are broad enough to make you relatable to OTHERS.

And that is the whole point.

Remember: I started this blog based on a need of YOURS. A need to be around other like-minds.

You still want that Master Mind Alliance, right?

Thought so.

Ironically, to make FuturisticallyYours.com successful WE both have to work.

Like I said before, I will find other future versions of young people’s present selves.

Your job is to market to those young-present-selves and get them to “respect their elders.”

And by that I mean having the young present WRITE WITHOUT READING.

Tell them if they’re worried about misspelled words, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, blah blah blah, that’s what the proofreader is for.


Care less.

I will edit anyways.

Write with a flow!

Tell them to read what they wrote a week or two from the date. Or hey, even a month.

Because that’s when the, “Damn I wrote this!” is followed by a “Did I say that out-loud?”


Futuristically yours,



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