Do Not Be-come At-tached

Mr. Potato Head and Friends
Many Faces of Mr. Potato Head

Dear Har-old,

NBA Finals. Game seven. Three seconds left. Lakers down by one point. On the road. Fouled. Kobe goes to the free throw line.

Ruckus arena. 20k+. Fans behind the basketball goal trying their best to distract Kobe with their antics: disrespectful signs, dressing up as a brick wall, waving their hands and arms, throwing shirts or towels in the air.

Undeterred. Kobe ties the game. Just when you thought the decibels couldn’t get any higher, it do. Just when you thought the antics couldn’t get any sillier, they do. Even the opposing players participate with trash talk. Their season is on the line.

The ultimate showman. Kobe shoots the second free throw with his eyes closed. Swish!

The audacity. The boldness. The riskiness. The confidence. The cockiness. The attitude.

The sports analyst said, “The outside world doesn’t bother Kobe because in his mind he is in an empty gym.”

Har-old, the next time someone says and asks, “It’s so loud in here, how are you able to concentrate on your reading?”

Respond with, “In my mind I am in an empty library.”

Physically here _

Mentally there >>>>>>>>>>

You are Mr. Potato Head.

Tune them out.

De-tach your mind from your body when you “don’t want to hear it.”

At-tach it to a book, a motivational song, an inspirational movie, or to be selfish, me, the future. Whatever!

Your de-tach-a-bil-i-ty is a GOOD thing. Do not let them tell you otherwise!

Do not become at-tached!

Futuristically yours,



3 thoughts on “Do Not Be-come At-tached”

  1. You made me almost want to watch basketball, lol. I am learning how not to get attached or better yet detach from people, things, and situations that just aren’t good for me. Thanks for this letter. I really do love this concept. Makes me wish I had thought of it first. 🙂


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