Who Burnt The Popcorn?!

Extra butter

Dear Har-old,

“I just wished that nobody made a movie of me while I was still alive.”

And if I could add to Zuckerberg’s quote: ” . . . and while I’m only 26 years young!”

Dead or old.

Did not believe. But you did entertain thoughts of the world ending on the 21st. You did, Har-old.

Your beef was: “I’m too young to die.” “I haven’t lived yet.” “What about my future?”

And that got me thinking . . .

About how I can make you and every other young’n UNCOMFORTABLE with a biographical movie.

So, what’s on the menu?


Burnt popcorn!

This new section will be movie trailers of y’all young lives UP TO THIS POINT.

Made by those that know you best.

That means they are in control of who plays you, the name of the movie, the trailer’s music, what genre it is: a comedy, a romance, an action-packed film.

But … I’m hoping it’s a DRAMA!


Then everybody will vote on which trailer they would like to see turned into an actual film, consequently going to the movies to see.

And one more thing …

Life doesn’t get a sequel.

Futuristically yours,



2 thoughts on “Who Burnt The Popcorn?!”

  1. I read this and it made me think of what someone would make about me. Then I was slightly depressed… although my cosmic charm and amazing sarcastic timing would completely light up the big screen…. I would totally be a drama… oh well… this film has just begun!


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