Why Didn’t I Notice This Before?!

The mythical Mount Olympus in northern Greece....
The view from Mount Olympus

Dear Har-old,

“You’re just like your dad. Y’all watch the same show over and over.”

Then you responded, “Yeah I watch shows at least twice. First time for entertainment. Second time for educational purposes.”

Remember that.

How about you get it the first time?

Ironically, all your favorite detective shows like Monk, Psych, Criminal Minds and SVU have clues in every episode.

But you don’t have your “aww” moment until the last ten minutes of the show.

Then when you watch the re-run, that’s when you get the detective-eye:

You see the things you blinked on before.

The things you missed because you had your focus on the top of the t.v screen instead of the bottom.

The things you missed because you don’t have two t.v’s in the room, so you had to change the channel back and forth to see what was happening on your other favorite show, that just so happened to be on at the same hour.

Next time you watch a NEW episode of a detective type show, work the case from home.

Open eyes. Open ears. Open mind.

Then when those last ten minutes come you will say “I knew it” instead of “aww.”

Watch shows like these to develop your Mount Olympus foresight.

It’s always who you least expect.

Futuristically yours,



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