Forgot Your Password?

password hell
Password Hell

Dear Har-old,

Australian musician Michael Hutchence said,  “It’s just as difficult to live in a self-made hell of privacy as it is to live in a self-made hell of publicity.”

You have been really giving me the Erica Albright as of lately:

“The internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.”

Do you only hear blah blah blah Har-old, blah blah blah Har-old, blah blah blah Har-old?


You take things so personal you totally MISS the words surrounding your name.

I will NOT apologize.

I am NOT changing my writing style.

I have balanced the pen on the paper well between them lines of Har-old and the rest of the world.

Yes! You ARE unique, you ARE special, you ARE different, you ARE great BUT you are relatable, kid.

I’m using that as bait, don’t you see?

Hell, if you think I’m being too “personal” in these letters you haven’t read nothing yet.

I wouldn’t dare … or would I???


But …

I got sympathy for my “old” self and I will give you complete control over these Too Personal To Publicize letters.

I will give you a password and who you share that password with is in your  total control.

But I have a feeling it’s going to be no one at all. It’s a reason why I’m calling them Too Personal To Publicize. But if you do share it, I advise people who you’re already close to or people who you want to get close to … those lucky individuals!

The only thing I will make public about these Too Personal To Publicize letters is the headline.

Now this doesn’t mean I will stop writing the standard letters. The standard letters will still be consistent.

The Too Personal To Publicize letters will be slow.


Because turning a sheet of paper into a mirror takes time.

You have been warned.


Futuristically yours,



2 thoughts on “Forgot Your Password?”

  1. Hey this is great!! I really love the voice of this!! I wanted to stand up and clap for you! Well done!! well done! :}


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