My dearest Aezora-

I understand life seems unreal right now-

The dream world you find yourself within is chaotic and

Your reality is limited to our own imaginations…it is a
perception of the individual mind…your individual mind-

Take for example the colors of the rainbow-

It shines in shimmering brilliance after the storm…An omen
of safety –

Its colors are the basic…Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo,
and violet

These colors are given a universal name, in every language a
different word, only used to identify the same color.

These colors are different however, never the same- as
unique as a finger print-

Each person sees a different hue, a different variation-Their perception creating a unique world of vibrant color, or neutral grays.

Though your own perception of reality is unique- you share
your experiences with all those you come into contact with-

Each person you walk by, stand beside, touch, speak to-

Each person you look at, or smile at, even pass by on the
interstate on the way to work in the morning is one you share reality with,
however different your perceptions.

Your experiences are similar, though interpreted differently-

It is these interpretations that separate us into our realties…into
the dream worlds we find ourselves walking through each day-

Do not be afraid to embrace this reality, this dream world.-

It is a permanent part of who you are and you cannot escape

The only way to live through it…is to accept it in its

Next time you see a rainbow, glittering in the sky after a storm remember this
letter and you will find peace is a dark and turbulent reality-
Always and Always,
Futuristically Yours-  NeuZora


6 thoughts on “Perception”

  1. Thanks to both of you, ^.^ I appriciate your comments. I love the picture too- I actually founded several months ago while looking for a completely unrelated picture!


    1. This inspired something. Usually I find a photo to go with my words. I’m thinking about first finding the picture and building my words around the picture.


  2. I’m with zombiieevelyn I love this picture. And I like how you put the photo in the middle of the letter. Next time I see a rainbow I will remember this letter.


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