Living Rent Free In Your Mind

Dear Har-old,

Swiss writer Isabelle Holland said, “As long as you don’t forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind.”


The ELEPHANT in the room.

The more peanuts you eat (meaning the more grudges you hold) the bigger the elephant gets, the smaller the room becomes.

Har-old, how can you say, “But I’m not thinking about it, it’s just at the back of my mind?”


Har-old, you ARE the Dumbo!

This ELEPHANT can no longer be ignored.

Har-old, you are a thinker. Great things come out of your mind BUT bad things stay in.

You dwell. Let things linger. Allow things to “hang around.” Just chilling!

They know what gets to you. They freaking know HOW to get to you. They know what sticks.

They’re throwing peanuts at a duct tape brain.

You have to stop eating those salty peanuts. Stop with the grudges, man. Not healthy.

Because it is comical to them how personally you take things. Reverse this.

I will tell you something these idiots don’t know: Contrary to popular belief, peanuts are NOT a elephant’s favorite food.

So … this will be EASY.

Remember: You are in complete control of your reaction.

You want to know how to forget? Stay busy. Stay working. Stay occupied. Stay doing … something!

You have time to dwell because you have time to over-think.

Trust me. When they see your new boredom with peanuts and you’re no longer feeding off them, they WILL anger.

Then they will start throwing peanuts at you.


I guess these idiots also didn’t know elephants have thick-skin.

Futuristically yours,



8 thoughts on “Living Rent Free In Your Mind”

  1. I like this post a lot. I’m not one to hold grudges a lot, but when I do, man! do they occupy headspace! I’ve been in the process of trying to let go of my grudges, which I hold 3 that have been in my head for about 7 years now. Trying to tell myself that it takes more energy to hate than to forgive. Never forget… but forgive. Easier said than done!


    1. I think it’s essential to forgive AND forget. Remember: That’s how those bummed grudges are living rent free in your mind because of inabilities to forget. You’re right, hate does take a lot of energy.


      1. I guess I say never forget because of the whole “screw me once, shame on you.. screw me twice, shame on me.” it’s really a defense mechanism i guess… but you’re right, it’s time for them to move out!


  2. Little known fact: elephants love alcohol. So get your elephant a bit tipsy instead!

    I’m kidding. I agree with learning to let things go and to stay busy until you’ve “forgiven and forgotten”. Great post. It becomes easier once you realize that you choose your choices in your life, naturally one must then take responsibility for said choices. Doing so make life far more enjoyable.


    1. Ha! Yeah my elephant needs something to wash those peanuts down.

      Grudges does not pay bills meaning holding them takes up negative space in your head where positive thoughts could live. We must destroy a grudge’s persistence.


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