Thinking Positive In A Negative Way

Dear Har-old,

Carlson Companies chairman Curt Carlson once noted, “Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eye off the target.”


It is impossible to think negative thoughts in a positive way.

But unfortunately this is what you have to do to acquire Mount Olympus foresight.

Unhappy endings are much more common than happy ones.

For the future, the motto is, “No days unalert.”

Nothing should catch you by surprise because you are constantly imagining problems before they arise.

Instead of spending your time dreaming of your plan’s happy ending, you must work on calculating every possible permutation and pitfall that might emerge in it.

The further you see, the more steps ahead you plan, the more powerful you become.

So Har-old, you have to ask yourself this:

Can I take being criticized for thinking negative now for a later praise that will only be rewarded IF it turns out I was right?

You can’t have both at once.

Definitely criticized now. Possibly thanked later.

The key to thinking negative in a positive way is NOT dwelling on possible problems. Create a solution for it and move on. Please remember this!

Because dwelling IS your problem.

If life is a movie, let yours be directed by Quentin Tarantino. The ending is always first. Your conclusion must be crystal clear, and you must keep it constantly in mind.

Forseers start from the ending; improvisers start from the beginning.

Futuristically yours,



2 thoughts on “Thinking Positive In A Negative Way”

  1. i just read this after i read your comment on my last post….
    are you dwelling on possible obstacles if you decide to move to Vegas?
    why the sudden change of heart to get an apartment elsewhere? somewhere else that will make you happy? or would you be settling?
    sorry for the 20 questions.. i’d just like to understand your thoughts more….
    in response to the quote above.. i’m trying to start living life like i’m playing football. i’m not even into sports, but there is something to be said for a player running towards the goal while they have all these other players constantly trying to bring them down. but all he’s concentrated on is making that touch down, accomplishing that goal… i find a strong metaphor for life in that scenario.
    what’s your ultimate goal?


    1. The whole reason why I wanted to move to Vegas was Zappos. That’s it. See. I got a marketing strategy (resume killer) and whatever I think is best for that, that’s how I move. I suspect Zappos will appreciate what I bring to the table and they so happen to be in Vegas. I am dwelling on obstacles such as not being hired at Zappos. It just seems more convenient to do it where I’m at a Zappos rep told me. My ultimate goal if I moved out there will be to have my marketing strategy incorporated into their hiring process. My ultimate goal in life is 2 billion.


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