Yelling Through The Megaphone

Today marks a new month. So let’s make it special. Its time to leave some old stuff behind and start this month with a clear mind.

Yeah, I know its summer and you’ve been enjoying SHAE TIME! Whoo hoo! Good times! Good times.

I know you hate to hear this, so I’m going to shout it at you through a megaphone.

I cannot help but notice it has been well over a month since you’ve been submerged in Shae time in SHAE’S WORLD.  Doing so has caused a drastic shift for organized, prioritized, and consistent thought.

You have a job now. In a little over a month school will be starting again. You still have duties and personal obligations to fulfill. You have made an extensively detailed game plan for these things but you are not putting forward your best effort to stay on top of it.

My best bet is you’re trying to stall because you are dreading  having to deal with the discomfort  of leaving  SHAE’S WORLD. I’m sorry but this plan is set in stone unless you decide to take up grand wizard lessons.

You know a good deal about the real world. You know you have to go through some things before you get where you need to go. As a matter of fact I believe they have a specific phrase. They’re  called “the obstacles of life”. Nothing new.

It’s easier to turn those obstacles into bumps by just staying on top of things. By not allowing yourself to slip into old habits, there is nowhere to go but up.

It’s no contest that things will not/do not get done because you cannot do them.

This is a red flag alert. This is a new month. Let’s get it together SHAE!

Futuristically yours,

A raging fire


5 thoughts on “Yelling Through The Megaphone”

  1. For me, personally, I always say, “Wait until the first, wait until the first.” And the date always be on the 20-something of the previous month. This is ridiculous because I can start NOW. Hahaha! We put so much pressure on our future selves when our present selves can make it easy by acting now instead of later.


    1. lately I have been trying to practice “the art of doing it now” ! i’m a total procrastinator… a meticulous planner, but a lazy go-getter.
      General George Patton said, “A pretty good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan being executed tomorrow.” ….i’m trying to remember this quote every time my perfectionism gets in the way of me doing something.
      but sometimes i think, i’m not lazy… i’m scared. so i’m also trying to live life more fearlessly. maybe that way i will start living up to my well laid out plans and stop putting it off til tomorrow.. and the next day, and the next day and the next….


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