Possessions Start First In The Mind

Napoleon Hill said,

Give expressions of gratitude many times daily for having received that what you want even before you actually get physical possession of it.

The surprise party you knew about in advance.

You already know who will be there.

You already know where it’s located.

You already know what your gifts are.

The only thing they think you know is the date. Obviously!

So how should you act in the meantime to not tip anyone off?

You play along.

Ironically, you talk about that date, who you wish could be there, what presents you always wanted, where you wished it could be located,etc.

And they will change the subject to show their disinterest in your topic.

Even during the day of the event, they will act like they don’t what today is and how they’re sorry for forgetting.

Then …

That lead will turn on the lights and people will jump from behind couches, fall from ceilings, come out the closet, stick their heads from the fat person they were hiding behind.

And you will look as shocked as ever!

And it will be sooooo believable. You know why?

Because you worked and practiced your “surprised face” in front of a mirror every time you passed one. What??? For me???

Har-old, possessions start in the mind and end with the physical.

Starting with the physical displays a real surprised face. What’s wrong with that? It shows you lack self-confidence. It shows you didn’t BELIEVE that it would ACTUALLY happen.

Everything you desire but do not have physically, you possess mentally. You can think your thoughts into your hand. Please remember this!

You already have 2 billion dollars. Your faith is so STRONG that you can see this money before your eyes. So REAL you can touch it with your hands. Har-old, it’s waiting for you!

Tap the side of your head with your index finger.

Futuristically yours,



9 thoughts on “Possessions Start First In The Mind”

  1. @the WholeWorldsWrong. Yeah we definitely have the same outlook. The Secret is a bunch of crap. I don’t want to see it. I hate when people attribute “luck” to a person’s success. No! No! You can’t even attribute working hard to it. Success is about working smart.


  2. I’ve been reading an inspirational book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…And it’s all Small Stuff”…just an easy reminder to think positively!

    Well, Har+new, I think I can understand what you’re saying here ; )


  3. so i thought i found it online but then it turned out it was about the consciousness of water, and how you should let it listen to music lol i’d have to ask my old teacher about the one i meant 🙂


  4. 🙂 my mom is obsessed with The Secret. to some extent, its true imean even scientifically. something about water crystals that form in you blood, what you take in you put out and shit like that. if you criticize very badly it’d end up happening to you. and if you’re nice your crystals r happy or argh i cant remember i read the article in 8th grade lol ill try to find it.
    good luck on those two billion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))


    1. The Secret, eh? I’ve heard it’s a bunch of bull (from some people) but then why is it so loved by so many? I can’t believe I still haven’t checked it out for myself…


      1. I never seen The Secret and not really all that interested in doing so. I’ve heard it’s a bunch of crap too. Believed that ripped off Napoleon. I’m a student of Mr. Hill and I believe in his teachings. All great businesses, inventions started with an idea in someone’s mind first.


    2. Know nothing about water crystals but do know you attract what you think about.

      Thanks but I don’t need luck. It’s no such thing. Persistence, burning desire, fiery passion, contagious enthusiasm and determination is all I need.


      1. this is a really good post…
        i really liked where you said “possessions start in the mind and end in the physical.” …so true.
        you saying there is no such thing as luck reminds me of how i tell myself that i never wish for anything. if i want something, i figure out how to attain it and then i work as hard as i have to to go get it! it seems like you do the same and i think it’s a very pragmatic outlook on life; more realistic than something like “the secret.”


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