Your Darkest Hour

The world will look up and shout, “SAVE US!” and I’ll look down and whisper, “No!”

Your kid is in the backseat playing with their toy steering wheel. You make them believe every turn, every horn honk and every swerve, they committed. But the truth is … you’re in control.

Next drive, you’re riding alone. As you’re driving, the steering wheel shocks and burns your hand. You immediately take your hands off the steering wheel due to the pain. Just as you try to recover and put your hands back on the steering wheel before you crash into something, you realize the car is driving itself.

How does it feel to not be in control? Huh? How does it feel to be a kid again?

The car drives you to this strange house. But your mind’s eye quickly recognizes it.

The front door and all the windows in the home are wide open. You enter. The door and all the windows slam shut as you step foot in the house.

You twist and turn the knob. The glass windows are unbreakable. You cannot get out.

A voice whispers, “There is only one light switch in the house.”

You take out a box of matches and light one. But you have to shake your hand as the fire burns your finger tips.

You run out of matches fast because the house … is just too damn big.

Now you’re running into things, hitting your shin, reaching out to let your hand guide you.

You rub on the wall high and low trying to find that one light switch.

Crawling and climbing stairs because your legs are out. Sitting in the corner. All you can think about is light-from the sun, from a flashlight, from the day, from a candle, from a match, from a cellphone, whatever!

Why close your eyes and meditate? You’re already in complete darkness.


You know why? Because you have looked for it on a wall. The switch is on you. It’s your mind, your brain, your thoughts. Now there’s that light-bulb on the top of your head I’ve been waiting to see, Har-old.

That’s all the light you need.

Grudges and negative thoughts are Living Rent Free In Your Mind. It’s their job to dim and make that bulb flicker.

It’s time you show others this dark side. Most will keep rubbing walls, few will use that bulb on the top of their head. And oh, give them only an hour. When their time is up, you hold secrets flame. That means you think for them, thus adding to your power.

You have three sources of light in the darkness: Your head-bulb, secrets flame and surprisingly your very own eyes because the longer you stay in the darkness, the better your sight becomes.

Futuristically yours,



3 thoughts on “Your Darkest Hour”

  1. i really like how you talk about looking for the switch on the wall, and you can’t find it b/c it’s not there, it’s on you. what a great metaphor for the “aha!” moments we all have in life. i think many people tend to always look at solutions externally rather than really delving deep into themselves to figure out their problems. ahhh, the joys of being human!


    1. The whole time (4 hours) I was writing this I was listening to Smash Pumpkins The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning. This was the start of darker letters. Imagine if The Great Wall of China was inside of a house … well that’s where I live. As I rest from my search of this one little light switch that’s when I get to thinking and look for solutions internally.


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