Voice Of The Young

In response to Who Burnt The Popcorn Again? and to anticipate those who are camera-shy, I’m rolling out audio-self-letters.

What makes this different from video-self-letters is that you will NOT be seen, only heard.

Instead of worrying about appearance, authors using this format can just focus on their delivery.

Sometimes written language can fail us as you know from text message, Har-old. So with audio-self-letters you can hear  tones, epic pauses, emphasises, cadences, signature growls and all the other flexibilities one has with their voice. The written letter itself will accompany this format for follow-along purposes. Think of it as listening to an audio book while you follow along with it in your hands.

The last addition to this format is inspired by scenes of Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight: tension building music. Low background music. Preferably music without words. You know how radio personalities talk while music plays in the background. Well, that’s the idea. Think of it as a soundtrack to your letters. I bet you’re thinking about The Social Network soundtrack right now, aren’t you?

Futuristically yours,



2 thoughts on “Voice Of The Young”

    1. Glad it interests you. This was an announcement letter. Another format for authors to play around with. Once I figure out those mediums I’ma mix it up with my written letters.


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