A World Full of Hurt

Dear Trista,

Good morning more like it, an inner fear of rejection and hostility is boiling inside of you … just take it easy, 8 hours isn’t so bad, you’ll be in a world of hurt but so will everyone else. Also, you did the right the thing by calling the authorities last night for all that racket your neighbors put on because Dear Trista you need sleep, In fact when you go home tonight GET SOME SLEEP. The blood test might have to wait another day but that’s okay this job is temporary and so is your fears…I’m here  to guide you, you are not alone on this journey.  Close your eyes … breathe softly … repeat after me … happy mind … peaceful mind … holy mind … dig deep into your soul and awake the inner happiness kept deep within, and bring it forth to shine upon day and get you right where you belong.

Futuristically yours,



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