Yesterday’s Road Philosophy

From my friend Peter Thomson with paraphrases from me for you, Har-old:

Think forward in time to the point where you wish you would have achieved a certain result and imagine you haven’t achieved it.

Sit down with a piece of paper answering the question, “If only I’d . . . I would have achieved it.” What are those dots?

Write whatever ideas come to mind. If your mind gives you an answer, don’t question it at this stage. You can edit later.

Reason this works so well is that it uses the two main feelings that causes us to take action, that’s pain and pleasure. The avoidance of pain and the gaining of pleasure.

If you feel like you ought to have achieved the result and you’re telling yourself you haven’t then you are strongly prompted to look for solutions.


Because you’ve triggered away motivation. Away motivation is the catalyst for action. Towards motivation prompts the continuation of action.

Another way to gain is to imagine you wanted to achieve a certain result by a certain time and that Yes! you did do it. With the positive feelings in mind, actually imagine the pleasure you will experience. Remembering you’re imagining you HAVE done it not that you will do it. Answer the question, “I did it because I’d …” What are those dots?

Again. Write down whatever your mind says.

Another way is to take a random noun. This can be picked from a dictionary or book. Ask your mind to associate that noun with the problem, opportunity or circumstances at hand. By making your mind make strange associations and connections, you will be surprised at what answers float into your consciousness. It’s reported that Edward De Bono, the man responsible for the expression, lateral thinking, used the word cheese to come up with the idea of televisions with picture-in-picture. Taking the word cheese and thinking what cheese has that t.v could have. Holes? What holes? Eventually leading to holes in the screen to see what was on the other channels.




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