Take A Leap Of Faith

Dear Trista,

You have it in you to produce extraordinary results, so quit putting yourself second place at the race!!!  People feed off of your careless attitude when you strive to reach your goals, they are your cheerleaders beckoning you to win whilst the haters . . . are haters. If you have them then you must be doing something right.

Take a look at your little brother! He’s in ROTC and you are still back in the college saying that you’re going to join the military because you are waiting on a so-called bachelors degree to be an officer? Bullshit! I call total bullshit whether it’s a good idea or not. You should’ve been willing to take up on the offer when the pie was being served . . .so for now you can get away with that bullshit answer, but later when you have it . . . are you going to take that leap? The leap that will define your whole life and judge you based on your fears. Will this fear be the one that you’ve been dreaming of the whole time you’ve been making plans for it? Or will it be the one to your deathbed praying for more life?

I’d like to think it be your deathbed because there’s no time to waste in this life and you’ve made a decision. People don’t even get that far sometimes, so feel blessed with the presence of your spiritual leader guiding you in the right direction.


Knock ’em dead today. Get shit done!




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