Write That Novel

Dear Ms. Me,

I know your heart has a million and one things going on. You are letting go of some things right now and learning to allow others in. That’s good! It’s okay to be a little hesitant at first but don’t let fear hold you back. The biggest thing other than school and your beautiful children (who grow up to make you very proud by the way) is the awesome novel you’re getting ready to write.

Now I know you are excited and terrified at the same time BUT go for it! Don’t worry about being perfect right away remember they’re only looking for quantity right now. So, get plenty of rest this month and get ahead on your class work as much as possible so you’ll have plenty of time to write. Set a goal to write at least 2,000 words a day. Write about whatever you want don’t hold back of course not everyone will appreciate your subject matter but you’re not writing for everyone to enjoy it you’re writing to say you did it and so some will enjoy it. Take all those crazy thoughts you have and silly reenactments you do at home when no one is looking and put them in the book. All those silly characters you come up with when you’re absolutely bored out of your mind, use them to fill up this novel. It doesn’t have to make sense at first just reach the finish line with at least 50,000 words.

I know how you like to come up with excuses when you get scared you won’t finish something. But remember you always pull it off under pressure. You can do it! Just have a little bit more faith in yourself and forget whoever doesn’t.

Write this novel because if/when you do. You will have started the first step to a new life that you never imagined you’d have. You will be a best seller one day. By the way I’m retired and that book is only one of the ones you will write that will be apart of the residual income I’m living off of. Let me tell you now social security doesn’t get that much better so you’d better get ready for this book so I can live without worrying about the governmental security net.



Mrs. Me 😉


15 thoughts on “Write That Novel”

  1. I can relate to this… When I was a kid, the plan was to have lots of money by age 22 because of my bestselling novel. However, I’ve begun to realize that if I don’t write it, it won’t make any money. (Strange, huh?)
    Kudos for the interesting idea of writing to your past self from your future self. Does it help you think about the possible future (such as needing money for when you retire)?


  2. I am writing, too, or at least I try to. I published the first chapter of a short story recently on my blog. So, I hope I’ll get some feedback sooner or later. It’s not perfect and English isn’t my mother tongue. So, will be very interesting to know what people think about.


  3. Great post. I find myself thinking these thoughts often. I want to write a book so bad, but I’m always procrastinating or finding a reason to say that I’m not ready. I just need to go ahead and start writing. Who knows, I may wind up on the best-seller’s list!


  4. I do NaNoWriMo every year (: last year i almost finished too, but I was also directing my school’s play and by the last week of November I ran out of time. I am determined to finish this year. I already have the perfect story plotted.
    This is great advice.


    1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

      Suggestion for where to start: an armadillo digs a hole in your lawn revealing a time capsule from a community of prehistoric mer-people with instructions on how to build a space ship for a manned mission to Mars….

      Or you could go in a more conventional direction.

      I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I’m going to try it this year — have you hit the 50000 mark in the past?


      1. Lol that is a pretty neat idea. This is actually my first year ever participating so I’m looking forward to hitting the 50000 mark and I will need all the support I can get. So, I’m telling everyone in hopes that they’ll keep nagging me about it next month.


  5. Is that an R I see in your future’s name? Did someone find their soulmate? Did someone get … married? Great first letter! Liked the encouragement. I wonder did you ever become patient. Guess I’ll find out in future letters. The world is ours!


    1. Yes there is an R in the future’s name. Yes I will/did find my soulmate and yes I will/did get married in the future lol. I’m glad you enjoyed and I don’t know if she is more patient yet either lol. She’ll have to tell me how she mastered that craft later on.


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