July 22, 2011

Dear Har-old,

In the October 22, 2011 letter, of the following fortune, I had this to say,

It’s not October 22, 2011 but the progress you’re making tells me this one will come true as well.

Har-old, I was gone wait until Saturday to letter you this one, but, how could I ignore the brightness of your “lucky” star? Really? Let’s live in the moment for a minute. Your mind yielded to you the Yeebizan’s successor; you found your “Mark Zuckerberg”; your first 100k isn’t bitchy; the world’s highest paid profession is calling you; you move into your first apartment on the 1st. I must ask you …

Do you really need 3 more days? Haha!

Look in the mirror, kid. You’re looking Har+new+ish.

Like BooBear said,

And just think it’s only the beginning!



P.S. To celebrate, I’m waving bye-bye to the iPhone notepad and changing FY’s theme to something more futuristic. But we gone keep it in the Apple family. Hint, hint. Effective tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “July 22, 2011”

    1. Actually, I changed it because of what the letter says. Futuristic things were happening around the October 22nd date, and this theme is tagged as futuristic. If you didn’t know, that notepad theme was from the iPhone-Steve Jobs was already being honored.


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