Never Lose Hope

Dear Ms. Me,

I realize that you have hit a brick wall once again when it comes to your love life. I know it hurts like hell because you thought that by letting someone new in you’d be okay and you thought this person truly might see a future with you since they kept trying before to talk to you. So, I know it was a huge let down to find out that what you saw he did not see. I know you’re heartbroken again and I know your heart has been taking hit after hit not just for the last year but the last three years. It’s okay because you are one pretty damn tough cookie. Always remember your motto stick to the high road no matter what happens keep your head held high, if you have to, cry in privacy, do so but smile every chance you get. Keep love in your heart don’t ever let it turn to hate or bitterness because if you do then that’s what you’ll attract and frankly Ms. Me I don’t want to wake up one day to Mr. Bitter I’m in love with Mr. Right.

Just keep being your self Ms. Me, faults and all, you can’t be anyone else the way you can just be you. Yes you are changing and I know you miss some things about the old you but you’ll love ME, Mrs. Me that is. Why? Because I have learned so many lessons it has helped to shape me. All the heartache you went through pays off in the end I promise. Remember those books you’re going to write? Story lines have to come from somewhere why not use these things to better your future capitalize off your pain. I bet every male that ever screwed you over will feel pretty silly when they see you still made it. But that’s not even your motivation that’s what’s so special about you Ms. Me you really do have a kind heart and though you get kicked you still get back up and offer a glass of milk and a cookie to the very ones that kicked you. One day that kindness will pay off, one day someone will see that and not take advantage of it. One day will come soon enough.

How did you learn patience? Through trials like these, pain always makes you think. You’ve always been a pretty good kid but you have a rebellious streak in you from time to time and you hit brick walls often but its okay those brick walls teach you they don’t break you they MAKE YOU! Better yet they make ME =). In the mean time you better start knocking out some more of that school work Ms. Me cause you still have a book to write next month.



Mrs. Me


6 thoughts on “Never Lose Hope”

  1. I love this! Your future self is so wise to tell your past self how it is. And things do get better. I’m present proof. That saying “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince,” wasn’t made up for nothing. Funny, when I finally said, “Forget it. I’ll be happy living alone in this studio with cats for company in my new FABULOUS job,” is about the time when it happened. You have an amazing positive attitutde. Keep that up!


  2. This is a beautiful letter. My favorite line is “Just keep being your self Ms. Me, faults and all, you can’t be anyone else the way you can just be you.” When you feel you’re losing faith and hope, return to this letter. I bet it will help. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂


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