Har-old, if yesterday was the last day of your life, are you happy with how you spent it? The answer is no, isn’t it? So, Har-old, what are you going to do today to make the answer a YES! tomorrow morning? Hmmm? And oh, no cheating, you have to ask, answer the question, while looking at me in the mirror.


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  1. I’m not stopping at the new theme. Un-un. I will write new content for the About page as well as update the photos on the pages and posts (only mines). Also, I will introduce new authors, new menus and a unique comment system. I see the future … and it looks beautiful 🙂


  2. Did you catch the announcement at the end (P.S.) of my last letter? This is an example of the FY Aside format: don’t have to Dear or FY your letter, or even include a headline. Usually people click the headline to access the “like” button or the comment section, but, with Aside you can just click the calendar date or the quote bubble.


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