Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.

Hill went on further to say, “Despite the benefits with which we may get from adversities and unpleasant experiences of every nature no one desires to meet with these experiences.”  Time to test Hill’s philosophy. What if you became the one who did desire to meet with such experiences? Har-old, what if you planned your “failures” as a way to gain wisdom? Hmmm? Plan to get caught. Start a fire. Of course!!! #MasterMind


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    1. The best thing about the award is nomination by YOU, however, I’m not too fond of the award itself because it’s nothing but a chain letter. Case in point, check the Suggestion Box, the blog was nominated for the same award 8 days ago. Also, a month ago, the blog was nominated for the Liebster Award. Another chain letter. And unless I popularize this comment, I doubt this be the last time I read a comment saying FY has been nominated for an award, because there’s no way to know if a blog has been nominated for that particular award, which means, being nominated multiple times for the same award. When is the actual award show??? FY being nominated is cool, but we want to WIN! Therefore, I don’t think acknowledging this award in a WHOLE post makes sense. You know what? I’m going to start my own blog award.


    1. Failure is when you give up and stop trying. Temporary defeat is when you use your positive mental attitude to discover what went wrong with your plan without changing your purpose and continue on trying to fulfill it. Failure is a better teacher than success. Reason why we have such a negative response to “failure” is because it’s unexpected and not “part of the plan.” That’s why if we plan our defeat we can also plan our response to it. Let’s make it a positive one!


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