It’s a Smart Phone, Dummy

Dear Ms. Me,

This one is going to be short and simple. You know that thing you keep attached to your hand, yeah that digital “life support system”of yours, it’s about time you milk it for what it’s worth. We both know you have not build up your base of friends and associates yet so, it’s not like anyone is blowing it up. Other than music and tweeting you’re not getting your monies worth out of that phone and you’re wasting our precious time.
You’ve got a great idea on the horizon but if you don’t use your resources to get organized it well become another flop. So, use your phone to keep up with everything. It’s always on you…ALWAYS, it’s rare that you don’t have it on you do USE IT PROPERLY!

Ok, that’s all for now baby girl. Got some secret santa work to get to. 😉

Mrs. Me


5 thoughts on “It’s a Smart Phone, Dummy”

  1. How many times have you read your own letter? From someone who knows about that Pandora you dance to and who has your tweets on their timeline I say you better take heed to this letter. This letter was short, sweet and to the point. And that point was how distracting technology can be. Don’t let Twitter and Pandora flop your idea. And also, I like the headline.


    1. I have re-read this letter. And I actually put it in to practice a couple days after. putting it in to more practice now, but do believe I’ll still tweet and blast pandora/my music in free time…I’m always playing my music tho even while getting things done.


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