Remember when I said your apartment is putting you in danger? Then I alluded to a future letter on how, by the way, which is titled Why Walking Around The House Naked Is Overrated? Well, I wish I would’ve wrote that before the last four. I even tried writing it tonight, before midnight, before your first test. But it’s too late. She’s on her way. *sighs* But I don’t want to scare you with the word danger. To you, it’s probably not a danger at all. I mean, what do you care about being a Superman? Hmmm? Rather you want to admit it or not, THAT is a threat. THAT is your kryptonite. I’ll explain further in the aforementioned letter, but, it may be too little too late. I certainly hope not. On a lighter note, I love the new page Shorts. Update it frequently, Har-old.


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