You’re doing your numbers in the fitness center. Even exceeding expectations. However, there’s one habit I need broken . . . stop looking down and checking the numbers on the treadmill’s monitor every 6 seconds! Relaxation courses teach us to imagine ourselves in a relaxing place and looking at the clock in our minds then relaxing for one hour by THAT clock, although, only a few minutes have passed by of . . . “real-time.” This says two things: Your mind is fast. And real-time doesn’t speed up or slow down for no one; it moves at its own pace. Har-old, aren’t you known to march to the beat of your own drum? You and time have too much in common to be enemies. Meditate on that during the next run.


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  1. i like this 🙂 time always does seem to be the enemy, i hadn’t thought of it like this. and relaxation and meditation are always good things to do, and time seems to be the biggest issue in anybody’s life. and what’s more, it becomes an excuse and an impediment, which is really sad because we can’t escape time and we have to do it anyway.


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