Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone…

Dear Feather,

You knew it would happen.  You are in that place of maximum opportunity.  You are in the gold mine and you’re now noticing how hard it is to remember the brilliance of the sky.  It’s dark and murky in the tunnel, despite the flashlight on your head.  You’re unsure how much you want to find gold if it means staying where you are for much longer.

You’ve lost your edge.

You fell head first into this predicament only because she pushed you and now she’s out there waiting for you to come out.  She’s waiting outside to pull you up because without her you would never get out.  Remember your edge, because without her you’re afraid to go where the sun don’t shine.  With her, you’ll come back on the other side with a glow around you.  Then you’ll know how much grit you’re worth in gold.  Listen to her rooting for you on the outside.  Call back to her, let her hear your frustrations, your challenges and your progress.  Ask her for help, ask her for inspiration, and remember her strength… remember the push on your back and take it in…own it.


Flying High*


One thought on “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone…”

  1. Living on the edge. One foot on solid ground; the other on thin air. Only thing you’re afraid of at this height is being pushed in the back by the wind. But it’s the blow of your edge’s breath that pushes you over. Surprised? Don’t feel betrayed. Why not? Because your edge is just reminding you how much you will struggle to pull yourself up without it. Our edge gives us strength. Our edge is special because everyone doesn’t have an edge to them. When your edge reaches out to you, grab its hand, and never think you can do without it again.


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