The 5 Secrets to Effective Prayer

Us yesterday:

Har-old-What you doing?

Har+new-Reading old poetry.

Har-old-Whose old poetry?

Har+new- … Ours.

Har-old-Oh yeah … anything catch your attention?

Har+new-Yeah, actually, this line from God Gave Me Style, “I have my best conversations with God. He’s a great listener.” This line made me think of the brilliant alternative to prayer you had a long time ago about how to better communicate with God. You remember it?


Har+new-About writing a letter to God and putting it in the pocket of a dead person you’re sure going to heaven.


Har+new-Why you never tried that, man?

Har-old- *sighs* Didn’t know any saints.

Har+new-You still think about reaching him?


Har+new-The How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop Owl. Who you think? God, man.

Har-old-Sometimes. But I don’t really believe in …

Har+new-… prayer. Just because God didn’t answer your prayer about Tomika do not mean prayer doesn’t work. Come here, sit. I’m gone teach you a new way to pray. It’s creative. It’s innovative. And most importantly, it’s effective. Okay …

One, body language. Do not get on your hands and knees. That is a beggar’s position. Sometimes the words coming out of people’s mouth doesn’t match their body language, but, in most prayers, they do. I’m talking prayers that consist of empty, begging, meaningless words. People who whine and beg God to assume responsibility for all their troubles and provide them with all the necessities and luxuries of life are too lazy to create what they want and translate it into existence through the power of their own minds. When you hear a person praying for something that he should procure through his own efforts, you may be sure you are listening to a drifter. Body language is 55% of communication. I didn’t kneel when I asked Now Wife to marry me. Why? Because I don’t beg someone to take half of my shit, possibly. Do not get on your hands and knees for no one. No one!

Two, imagery. You were created in God’s image, therefore, look in the mirror when you pray. You like that one, don’t you? Ah, there’s a catch though. You have to do it … with your eyes closed. Picture your ideal-self … in motion!


9 thoughts on “The 5 Secrets to Effective Prayer”

  1. I practiced for the first time today. Session only lasted approximately 70 seconds. Why not longer? My left leg was bothering me from a long period of standing earlier. Also, I wasn’t feeling emotional or couldn’t inspire such intense emotions. I still think it was a good first time.

    My body language was a Bane-esque pose (sort of like the picture). Practicing my gaze earlier helped with the imagery part. I did a little forward-thinking about possible negatives. Since I don’t have an official MMA, I utilized a member of my Invisible Counselors, Napoleon Hill. I didn’t want to pray with all 4 members; Napoleon was the obvious choice because it’s his idea. I envisioned him standing by my side in the mirror praying and I could hear his thoughts, which was mines. Like I mentioned earlier, i wasn’t too emotional, which I should have been considering current frustrations. The emotions I TRIED to conjure were hatred, revenge, and anger on the negative side. Enthusiasm, faith and hope on the positive side.

    One thing I didn’t address in this letter is the prayer’s dialogue-what to say. And if you did speak, should it be with an out-loud or inner voice? I did touch on it somewhat in body language. For mines, I did what Har+new advised in What’s The Next Step Of Your Master Plan?! and just concentrated on my purpose. I kept repeating my purpose in my head. This made it feel like standing meditation.

    First time. Not last time 🙂


  2. I love this secret prayer technique and I am so glad you shared it with us. I’m also so happy there’ve been 20 thou. flying cars here…congrats on a wonderful idea put into action. And thanks for linking to my first post here, I needed to re-read that.


  3. Brilliant! Apart from the fact that I love the choice of picture, I completely agree with your points.
    Thanks very much, look forward to more here.

    (P.s: would you mind terribly if I reblogged this post?


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