*Michael Jordan fist pump* YES!!! I mean, I knew you were going to be there, in the building, somewhere. But I think purchasing this ticket tells me exactly where you will be in the building. ON THE STAGE, BABY!!! IN THE SPOTLIGHT!!! Because I just know, Har-old, you are not going to just go there and look up to people pitching their own ideas instead of looking down at people pitching your own. How disappointing will that be? Anyway, you have just under 3 months to prepare. Learn from Kevin and his experience. You don’t think you stumbled upon his blog by accident, do you? Watch videos and take notes of Steve Jobs being insanely great in front of audiences. Just mastermind the entire event. I feel pretty confident in you winning over that crowd and getting your idea launched in 48 hours. This will be an early birthday present to yourself. WOOOOO!!! What shyness? Ha!


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