Think Ballsy

One thing I’ve come to learn when it comes to business and even politics and power, having a penis gets you far. It’s time to grow some balls. Steve Harvey gave great advice, think like a man. I’m saying when it comes to business, BE a man.



13 thoughts on “Think Ballsy”

          1. I know this is random and out the blue, but you’re the first person I thought about because it relates to you and us knowing each other through WordPress. I need some love/relationship advice. Whenever you get this I will let you in on what I need help with.


              1. It’s this girl I met on here. Last year we built our rapport up. Talked on here (comments on my second blog) and off here (emails and google hangout). We was gradually getting close (she wanted to contribute to my blog, wanted me to write on hers, wanted to merge statcounter accounts). She confided in me; I held back. Anyway, things came to a sudden halt when I wanted to share my controversial posts I wrote on FY. This backfired. One of the posts was the skinny jeans defense story you wanted me to build on. She only got through the first paragraph and stopped reading. She thought I was making fun of the victim and couldn’t understand my satire angle or didn’t care to. She is sensitive about the topic of rape. That caused her to want to stop talking to me. It Devastated me cause I really liked her which is why I didn’t immediately respond negatively but when I knew she was sincere I did. There was a conflict but we got passed that and ended up being cool again.

                Chapter 2. One morning in December I asked her about her car. For some reason, that bothered her. You see, 2 days ago she had car issues. It wouldn’t start. Asked me would I know what was wrong THEN. I was just expressing concern after it was fixed. I guess it irked her. She told me it wasn’t me personal. She just hated being asked that. Guess she didn’t wanna be reminded of the car problem. But I took it the wrong way and told her I wanted to stop talking to her for good. We were on the verge of ending things peacefully but then I flipped and started a series of posts on my second blog that threw her under the bus (they were bluffs. I wrote private posts with insinuating headlines but no actual content). Threw her under the bus as in betraying what she told me about her recent relationship/breakup. You see, her now ex-boyfriend had a baby mama that didn’t like her which caused her to set her blog on private. That’s when they both stalked my blog cause she always commented on my posts. So when me and her fell out I used that to my advantage to make it seem like we were involved.

                Both the above times we had conflict I always threatened to write a blog war post about her. I never actually did. Even today. The reason why I’m coming to you is because I really like this girl but it’s nothing I can do unless I can go back in time. I fucked up. Now the first time I won’t accept cause I was trying to share with her and her being sensitive caused that. I wasn’t showing her that post to show her I think rape is funny smh. The second conflict I can accept as my fault. I let my temper get in the way. I really lost a good friend. She is someone I actually wanna be with in real life. It’s been a month since we last talked and I just keep thinking about her and seeing her in public in my imagination. I’m just sad cause it’s nothing I can do to get her back the way it was before the conflicts. I want to text her so bad.

                Do you think I should just live with it and let it go and just go into my next dealing with lessons learned from how I dealt with her or do you think I should try to get her back?


                1. Wow, that’s a lot but get it more than you probably know. Anywho, I think you should do some soul searching. Decide for sure she’s what you want no matter what, then decide how you plan to work on your temper to avoid this in the future. Then, you approach her humbly. Don’t hold back how it feel about her but also make up in your mind that no matter her response you will remain calm and pursue. Persistence and consistency is key in this but you have to remain humble and calm. If you feel yourself getting angry pause take a break then get back at it when you’re thinking clear again. If you REALLY want this girl/woman, you have to control your reactions. Remember life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you respond. It doesn’t matter what transpired in the past nor recent past it’s what you do today and every NEW day that will make the difference in this situation and in life period. Hope that helps and I’m honored you asked me. Let me know how it goes and I’m here if you need me! Be blessed! 🙂 you got this!

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  1. Hah! Sure, why not. Though I will say that the concept “Be a man about it” is one that has a surprisingly versatile range of meaning depending on who you’re talking to at the time.
    Just saying! 🙂


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