Do You!

The heart of your conversation earlier with Ranita:

Har-old-Is there any advice, you being 40, you can offer me being 24? Like, something you wish someone told you at my age?

Ranita- Do you! Get your education. And, don’t worry about them.

Har-old-Who is them?

Ranita-Them is so-called friends, fake people, doubters, girls. Don’t let no one distract you from working on you and your success.

Har-old-I’ll be honest. I am distracted by girls. So, you think I should just stay away from them?

Ranita-No, I didn’t say that. It’s okay to have a little girlfriend or just a friend. But getting settled down and being in a committed relationship, don’t do it. I got married at 19, had 4 kids and wish someone told me this. And now, I’m starting over. You need to focus on your education, getting your degree, and worry about what’s gone make you successful. Being distracted by a relationship is something we all go through. So, you gone have to find a way to take your focus off the other person and become distracted with your own self. You’re a handsome young man, on your own, seem like you got your head on straight. You don’t want to get caught up with these lil’ girls out here. They want your money. The one thing about women is that we will wait on you. No matter how long it takes. So if she’s the right one for you, and wants you to succeed, she will wait. All those people you named, Zuckerberg, Jobs, they didn’t let no one distract them, if they did, they would NOT be where they are now. Do you, baby!

Are you getting it now, son? DO YOU! Grrrrr!!!



P.S. I’m so happy you’re smart enough to see the messages in things. Big or small. You’re a thinker. Losing your technology for a few days did some good.


2 thoughts on “Do You!”

  1. I agree. I don’t think that means that completely blocking someone out of your life in order to not be distracted…not to think about people in terms of what they want from you only(and I’m sure if you find someone who wants YOU from you, that would be good for you and hopefully you’d recognize that) and not to see people as distractions, people create interactions…however yes, some of those interactions aren’t worthwhile and lead to distraction. I agree though in that you shouldn’t put much focus into those things that aren’t directly a part of your goal. The other things you do should flow naturally. There should be little to no tension around them. At the same time, a lot of the really, really successful people are also surrounded by people who want them for their money and they don’t know how to have real interactions or discern a friend from a fake. *the inside story on one of those role-models you mentioned above, and a few like-minded ones you may still be interested in*

    I would guess you want to be well-rounded, not just successful in business, but as a whole. I would warn to not go against your intuition to block life out, but of course DO YOU! (You’re really just 24? Your words sound much more mature!)


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