You don’t want to be known as “The Idea Guy.” You want to be known as the Action Figure. This is what separates the doers from the dreamers. You are a doer!


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  1. Comments i wrote on the Idea/Suggestion page:

    What if we have 3 levels of the blog?

    The first one is covered with reading.

    The 2nd level will be listening. What if we voice-record our posts and people can call a number to hear it or we can simply set up a SoundCloud page for FY?

    3rd level is seeing. Future News, I believe, has the best chance to succeed visually than Futuristically Yours (the reverse-self-letters). Although, I do have an idea on the presentation of the letters, I’m striving for entertainment.

    What if I did illustrations? Like comic strips? I’m thinking about breaking out my Wacom Bamboo tablet and starting a third concept on FY. Still a futuristic theme but doesn’t have to be. I’m thinking of doing something with spaceships. This will be a great concept because it’s a break from writing which the other 2 concepts are. These comics will have little to no writing. The time consumption only lies in the drawings. I bought my Bamboo just to draw my logo for my company years ago and haven’t really used it since. I dusted it off for the Forked Tongue post and the How To Live Forever post because I didn’t want to use other people pictures. I’ve always wanted to include more photography here and these drawings will be cool.

    Blast From The Past: Using the post format LINK I will give love to past writings. Letters and newsletters you may have missed. Do this once a week with a link to at least 4 old posts.

    There are three main post formats used on FY. We’re already familiar with Standard, so, let’s address Aside and Gallery. WordPress defines Aside as brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts. Useful for quick thoughts and anecdotes. Translation: Short, sweet and to the point. So, if you’re using this format, you don’t have to Dear or FY your letter, or even include a headline. An example of using this format is reminding yourself of something, quoting, future-self sharing a short story with you, etc. WordPress says a Gallery usually will show a thumbnail from the blog post, as well as an excerpt of what the gallery is about. An example of using this format is your future-self showing you stills (photos) that inspire you, motivate you or energize you. Even pictures of the future. For this format, also, you don’t have to Dear or FY your letter.

    Fun For Authors: What if we ghostwrite letters for our favorite young celebrity?!

    For authors: Write now, Read later emails. I’m a advocate of doing more writing than reading your letters as you’re creating them. From personal experience, every time I read something I wrote months or years ago, I always get that “Damn, I Wrote This,” feeling. It’s a feeling of reading someone else’s writing. I want authors to truly benefit from their future self, that’s why I’m offering to email them their own letter 2 weeks (or whatever timeframe is good for you) from the posted date.

    New commenting system idea called Comment Blog. I want someone/some people to write their ENTIRE blog (photos, if they’re included, or you’re able to) within the comment sections of my blog. Your content does NOT have to be related in no way to the letter you decide to post in. This idea is more so for people without their own blogs, however, if you do have your own, you can just copy and paste your material from your blog. Also, you are allowed to leave a link back to your blog.


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