A Quarter Of A Century

“Watch when you wake up that morning you’re going to be like, I’m not taking nobody’s stuff anymore!” Says your older female classmate/new-found friend.

The best part about that statement is your birthday is two weeks away and you’ve already started that mindset. It has been a rocky year from start until now. You witnessed your own family turn into hindrances  for you. You have hurt from pain and scars you thought you’d never have and you have even done some things you thought you’d never do. What has it taught you though? Nobody is going to look out for you and yours more than YOU! These battles have equipped you for all out warfare if you need to, to get to where you are trying to go in life.

I am SO PROUD OF YOU! Ms. Me, you have changed not only your attitude but you have a new look to match it. You are starting to exude confidence and have began to embrace a mind of your own! Yes, you still make mistakes but you know how to live with them! You have finally got the picture: this isn’t your mama’s life, nor your daddy’s life, nor your siblings lives, it’s YOURS!

Last but not least, love may be a desire but love is not your primary focus. I am so glad that you are finally seeing how much your goals mean to you and that love will come when it comes! You may still shed your tears over love lost but you still keep in mind that what is meant to be will be!

Who is this woman I see in the mirror now……….ME!!!


-M(R)S. ME


2 thoughts on “A Quarter Of A Century”

  1. This is like an update from you. Enlightening you realize this is YOUR life at an early age and not at an age of “I should’ve did this, I should’ve did that.” Then do what parents usually do:Try to live relive their youth through their child. This is good for your kids. They’ll see you living your life so they’ll live theirs when they grow up instead of doing what makes mommy proud.


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