What’s The CEO Of Your Mind?

Dear Har-old,

You’re not a businessman.

You are a business, man! the difference a comma makes

Think like one.

Your dominating thoughts – the CEO.

Your submissive thoughts – the coffee-getting intern.

You are going out of business losing your mind.


Because the CEO is producing crappy products bad actions that’s causing us to lose customers good reactions and it’s affecting our bottom line confidence.

The only reason this suit and tie negative thinking CEO is the leader of this black turtleneck, blue jeans, running shoes company potentially great mind is because it has won over the employees habits.

While the other employees seeds of the bad thoughts don’t bother to hold their head high enough to notice a glass ceiling the future, the intern uses it as a mirror  be present and sees himself in it ideal self in the future is achievable.

When will that  intern throw rocks at the glass ceiling so pieces of it can fall and cut the other employees?! kill seeds of doubt/get away from negative influences

When will that fucking CEO jump up out of its throne screaming at the top of its lungs because the intern spilled hot ass coffee on the boss’s lap?! kill that negative voice in your head

I’ll tell you when …

When you  develop single-mindedness.

Focus, Har-old, focus!

One of the definitions of distraction says, “mental confusion.”

Make you laugh. Make you cry. Make you knowledgable. Make you dumb.

With such contrasts no wonder why our desk mind has scattered papers scattered thoughts on it preventing us from finding that gold paper having single-minded focus in the Age Of Distraction we’re looking for.

With your fist firmly pressed down on the gold paper, swipe, swipe, swipe until it’s the only one left and the rest are trashed. You Need To Go On A Clutter Diet

Lean that “corporate” ladder against the CEO’s body and let the intern climb it. Har+new takes over Har-old’s mind once and for all and no more relapses

And don’t be surprised if WHEN the CEO pulls the intern up once the knee level is reached. Har-old is tired of being on the outside looking in

Futuristically Yours,


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