After Being Kicked Out Of Denny’s, Police Let Homeless Men Get Away With Food

After The Belleville Chief of Police banned his officers from eating at a local Denny’s, he said, “Officers will go to Denny’s if they receive a service call.”

That statement was put to the test when two armed homeless men stuck the place up. They robbed every customer that was present – including a six-year-old’s imaginary friend Visibull – not just of what was in the cash registers at Denny’s, but also, of what was in the kitchen: Macho Nacho Burgers, Smothered Cheese Fries, and All You Can Eat Pancakes was among the menu items the thieves forced the Denny’s employees to fix. One of the cooks said, “I have never cooked a Slow-Cooked Pot Roast that fast.”

The manager, who told five on-duty-out-of-uniform detectives they couldn’t have their guns in Denny’s, was the same one who pressed the “hold-up button” to alert Belleville Police they were being robbed. The manager told us, “The response time was very, very slow. Then when they finally arrived, they just waited out in the parking lot. Then finally one of the officers got on the blow horn and said, ‘Let us know when you have the situation under control. We would come in, however, we can’t because we’re armed.’ ”

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3 thoughts on “After Being Kicked Out Of Denny’s, Police Let Homeless Men Get Away With Food”

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  2. This is the first broadcast of FY’s second creative concept : Future News (included in the menu).

    Due to the success of publishing this and “Boyfriend Breaks Up With …” on Saturday afternoon I’m thinking this is the best time to post. So, at noon, every Saturday, I’m going to post Future News. I will test other days as I did with Black Garbage Bag; I do believe if I published that on a Saturday, however, it would have got more “likes.”


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