Boyfriend Breaks Up With Girlfriend After She Blogs About Missing Him … While He Sleeps … 3 Feet Away

Sleep Blogging

Anonymous blogging has cost one woman her relationship of 21 days. J, as he is called in the blog,, went to sleep one night on the right side of the bed; reserving the left side for his girlfriend, K, as she calls herself on the blog. However, he woke up in the middle of the bed; girlfriend on neither side. He looked across the room and saw a familiar sight: his girlfriend’s head on top of her laptop’s keyboard as if it was a pillow. He told us, “She’s been falling asleep at her computer ever since we’ve been together. I’m always picking her up and putting her in the bed the next morning then going back to sleep myself. This time I wanted to do things differently and see what the hell she’s always working on.” He said, “After I put her in the bed, I sat down at her computer and started reading. I scanned all the headlines and it was all these posts about her missing me. It felt good for 5 seconds then I became disturbed when I realized I haven’t been on vacation. I haven’t been nowhere. At least not from her. We’re always together. We even work and go to school together. Then I started reading some of the posts and it was all about me scratching my ass and farting in my sleep and how I kept tossing and turning and how she was crying her eyes out because she missed me. I’m fucking three feet away you psycho!!! In one post, she said she experimented and blogged from the living room while I slept in the bedroom. She wrote she missed me so much she started crying so loud she woke me. Yeah, I remember this night. I jumped out of bed to ask her what was wrong and she said … nothing! To make matters worse, she even recorded videos of this crap. The fuck!!! It got 74,638 views. Who the fuck are you sick people?!?! I felt so embarrassed and so self-conscious. Who wants to know they snore??? I felt used. I don’t know if it was because she had writer’s block, was overly attached, a social media addict, or just a fucking psycho, but I had to put a restraining order on her that says she has to be a lot more than 3 feet away from me.”

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9 thoughts on “Boyfriend Breaks Up With Girlfriend After She Blogs About Missing Him … While He Sleeps … 3 Feet Away”

  1. That’s hilarious! He should have made an online blogger account and wrote back to her as someone else and told her to try some more bizarre “experiments”. As she’s doing them, he could film them and post them online. Then on the night he finally breaks up with her, send her blog the link to all the videos with a final video that says “I’m breaking up with you.”

    P.S. Was the blog you linked to where you got this story from? Do you have a link to her blog?

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  2. Just when I surpassed my previous record (8) of “likes” in one day with my first broadcast of Future News, I broke that record with 15 in one day with this post. All future writings are coming for this “newsletter” head 🙂


  3. Honestly, that’s incredibly creepy. I know when I had a boyfriend we would make youtube videos, and sometimes he would take photos of me in my sleep but he would never post them on youtube for others to see. . . thankfully it wasn’t a bad breakup though otherwise he probably would have but that’s another story saved for another day. She has issues in my opinion. I’m not saying they’re good or bad but they need to be fixed before another relationship is ruined.

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