NASCAR and Triple A Fight Over The Hiring Of Serial Car Tire Slasher

Flat tire man

For most ex-convicts its tough finding a job upon release. Then there’s Yoshihito Harada, the 25-year-old Japanese man who was arrested for slashing the car tires of 1,000 women in the parking lots of supermarkets around Japan. While the women were in the stores, Harada used a screw driver to puncture their tires. Then he would come out of nowhere and “notice” their “predicament” BEFORE they did. Apparently suffering from Hero syndrome, Harada would then offer to fix their “flat.” While doing so, he would go for what he was really after: their phone number. “I recently got a flat and a man offered to change it for me,” said one victim of Harada’s scheme to her friend. The friend blurted,“The same thing happened to me!” Suspecting a scam, the women reported the matter to police who launched an investigation.

Reactions to this story has varied: Women find it creepy; men want to know how many numbers he got. But the most surprising reaction has been from Triple A and a pit crew at NASCAR, who see opportunity and the bright side of this situation. Both are reportedly in a bidding war over his employment after he gets out of the slammer. When both parties were asked why are they interested in Mr. Harada, they said the same thing, “After changing a thousand tires, he’s probably real skilled at it.” The NASCAR pit crew said they are pretty confident Harada will side with them because they have something AAA don’t: Danica Patrick. “Imagine how fast he will change those tires.”

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Do you think its right to look past what Harada did and reward him with a job?


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