Judge: Find A Job In 30 Days Or You’re Going To Jail

2 year Anniversary

“Nobody wouldn’t hire me so I hired myself,” said 19-year-old Dean Moxley, the Connecticut teen who was facing 2 years behind bars if he didn’t find a job in 30 days. “Day 24 I gave up hope and was so frustrated and just started preparing my mind for prison. I mean, I looked everywhere; online and offline. The string of interviews I did go on went well until I had to be truthful about my situation.”

Moxley was intoxicated and got into a fight that damaged a door at a friend’s house. He was charged with felony assault and vandalism. He was looking at 2 years in jail but made a deal with a public defender and got his charges lowered to misdemeanors. He was put on probation for a year. Since he was unemployed, part of the deal was to have a full-time job, go to AA and counseling at least twice a week. Moxley had to check in with the judge a month later, and if he was still unemployed, it would have violated his probation.

Judge Jon Ambrose said, “I was really impressed. Here’s a young man who could’ve gave up after hearing ‘no’ several times from employers but he let it motivate him to be in that position of power. Isn’t it strange that so often people have to be cut down by failure and defeat before they learn they have minds capable of mastering all of their problems? These past 30 days have been good for his mind. I plan on being a customer and will try to help him get more.”

Moxley started his own errand running company for Seniors and busy people called Back In A Minute. “I always run errands for my grandparents so it just made sense. Then I got all this time on my hands because I was unemployed that people didn’t have who were employed. Those people have to pick the kids up from school, go grocery shopping, go pay a bill, etc. I could do that for them. Despite what my legal matters say about me I am a very trustworthy person.” Moxley said business has picked up to the point he can’t run all the errands by himself and is looking to hire someone. “Not to discriminate or anything, but I hope I run into someone who was as desperate as me a few weeks ago, so I could be the one to say yes to them.”

Instead of being gone for 2 years, Moxley will be Back In A Minute.

Built on top of:

  • A CraigsList Ad

Happy 2 Year Anniversary FY!!!


3 thoughts on “Judge: Find A Job In 30 Days Or You’re Going To Jail”

  1. Wow…I do not have to know you to be impressed and proud of what I have read! Way to go, not to be defeated by the contrast in your life! Great read!


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