Seized Counterfeit Condoms: Made In China But Made With Giant Deflated Yellow Rubber Ducky

deflated rubber ducky
Photo courtesy of NBC News/Tyrone Slu/Reuters

Our childhood is ruined! The 16.5-meter (54-foot or six-story)-tall rubber duck that mysteriously deflated in Hong Kong has been unfortunately linked to the busted counterfeit condom ring in China. According to reports, the confiscated 4.65 million packaged prophylactics and the 1,100 unpackaged condoms that were seized in the police raid was all made with Florentijn Hofman’s inflatable sculpture. Liu, one of the ring’s two bosses, is actually the one who snapped the above picture you see while his workers threw shurikens (similar to Batarangs) at the rubber duck to deflate it. Childhood ruined or not, some people are praising Liu’s photography skills. “Look at that looming background!” Speaking of Batman, some have said they can see the bat signal in the sky like Lao who said, “I wish he was there to save the night that night because I bought a hundred of those things on the internet. It was only 1 Yuan (16 cents).” When we asked him why did he buy so many, was it because they were dirt cheap or because he was … you know, he said, “Because they were so cheap. Anytime something is cheap I buy lots of it.” Well, we can only hope others who have bought the counterfeit brand-name condoms-including Durex, Contex, Jissbon-in which Liu’s factory was cranking out 20,000 a day of did the same or they will have more rubber ducks to buy.

UPDATE: Taiwan officials are investigating Liu and his organization in connection with the giant rubber duck explosion on New Year’s Eve.

Built on top of:

Do you think this is why China’s population is 2 billion?


2 thoughts on “Seized Counterfeit Condoms: Made In China But Made With Giant Deflated Yellow Rubber Ducky”

  1. Was the duck really 54 feet tall? If so, I’m glad you included that fact, because it’s hard to get a sense of scale from the picture. I would have guessed ten feet, at most.


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