Sex By The River

Wet t-shirt from working out
If you look closely you can see I sweat fashionably.

Dear Har-old,

the water in the river is the emotion of sex.

the dam is the emotion of sex having no outlet.

the water flowing around the dam is the emotion of sex finding an outlet through physical channels.

masturbation and sex is water flowing downhill. the former kills productivity. only thing good about the latter is it’s the perpetuation of mankind. our kids! fortunately for you, you only have to worry about the former 🙂

the transmutation of sex energy to a creative outlet is water flowing uphill. capillary action takes will-power because it works against the law of gravity but the reward of riches at the top of the hill is worth the effort.

castration will take away your major source of action and will kill the fight in you. the beast. the animal. grrr! you don’t want that!

your precious dams will work for a while but the rain will stop that sunshine. the emotion of sex needs an outlet and they’re only 2: physical or creative. sex is low barrier and the fastest idea you can act on because of how strong and powerful the emotions are. so, imagine what would happen if you made that the driving force behind your occupation. spend half the time on it and see!

i always tell you to learn how to master your emotions, especially your anger. don’t kill nobody, alright! sex is your number one emotion. master that first. the other 13 are of lesser importance.

water is one of the main necessities of life. it cannot be defeated! you either drink the water and piss it out or pour it on you for growth.

if anybody got what it takes to be Har+new you do! Love you!






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