What Put “The Great” In Alexander’s Name?

Alexander wouldn’t have been “The Great” without his extreme hatred for his father. Har-old, the only reason you resumed talks with your human father is because of your inability to control your emotions. The girl. The job. In fact, that’s the only reason you break the silence with many. You’re better at controlling your positives. What are you running from? Yourself! Me! Why you believe externals have ALL the answers to your questions, kid? Like they’re gonna say something that’s gonna make the pain go away! If you would take self-inventory you will conclude that they NEVER say anything magical. It’s always YOU! Yes! You use them as a wall. You bounce ideas off them. They’re your straight man! But it’s always you who delivers the hard-hitting punchline! YOU! Next time you’re feeling any of the seven major negative emotions: fear, jealously, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition, or anger, I want you to find a loud room where you can hear yourself think, step up your thinking with sex and/or food, look in the mirror, say my name, and we will have the best conversation of all time. :*


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