Bartender Accused Of Taking Advantage Of Program That Pays You $100 For Reporting Drunk Drivers

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He won’t tell you that you had enough. He won’t take away your keys. He won’t call you a taxi. But 27-year-young bartender Al Austin will be nice enough to give you a couple of drinks “on the house” although you didn’t earn them with some sob story, walk you to your car because you’re unable to by yourself without falling on your ass, write your tag number down and wait 5 long minutes after you’re off the parking lot to call the police on you for driving under the influence (of him) so he can collect $100 from the Mobile Eyes program. Started 12 years ago, many Florida residents have forgotten the program exist but are reminded by police on strategic days such as New Years Eve. But there’s no need to remind Austin who has reportedly banked $20,000, a figure he doesn’t even make in a year of bartending. Well, tonight Austin is behind some different bars. He’s being charged with forced intoxication and manipulating the system for financial gain.

Police caught on to his get-rich-quick-scheme when all the calls came from Lou’s Tavern. At first they quickly dismissed any wrongdoings as it is a bar, however, when all the drunks said they didn’t pay for those insert favorite liquor they knew something was up. A police officer undercover as a geek who wanted to drown his problems in insert favorite liquor after getting dumped by his girlfriend went into the tavern. Austin slid shot after shot across the bar to him. While Austin wasn’t looking, the officer poured them all into a container he had hidden inside his jacket. When Austin was walking him to his car (how he got the tag number) he realized he didn’t have to call 911 this time because the man’s car was seemingly parked next to a cop’s car. Still pretending to be drunk, the man was telling Austin the cop car was HIS. Austin couldn’t help but laugh at the supposedly “drunk fool” and foolishly said, “They should give me $200 for this one.” That’s when the undercover broke character and said,”The cop car IS mines! You know people tell the truth when they’re drunk!”

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Isn’t it sad you have to offer money for people to save lives?


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