Thanks To Butt-Slapping Fan, Beyonce Now Wants Future Stages As Far Away From Fans As Possible

Damn! The stupid guy that slapped Beyoncé’s bum on stage will have more than Jay-Z and Marcy Projects to worry about. Now he has to be on the run from the stings of the entire BeyHive after Beyoncé has requested she no longer wants a second smaller stage where performers can interact with standing fans as Bey was doing when she put the microphone to the man’s mouth to participate in singing lyrics to her hit “Irreplaceable.”

In response to the butt-slapping incident, fans have flown to the “Halo” singer’s rescue. One fumed: “How did he dare…? What a douche!!! If I were Beyoncé, I would probably have slapped the sh** outta him… Don’t disrespect our Queen, please!!! And do not touch anybody without their consent next time!!! [sic]”  We can only imagine the Caps-lock and exclamation usage when they hear they will need binoculars the next time they see her in concert.

Upon reading about this, the woman who was Hulk-A-Mania leg dropped by Miguel at the Billboard Music Awards 9 days ago said, “I wasn’t a fan of Beyoncé before but I definitely am now. Soon as she comes to my city I’m spending some of my lawsuit money to attend a show.”

Reports say her butt MAY stop wobbling sometime tomorrow!

Built on top of:

Do you think they should get rid of the smaller second stage so incidents like this don’t happen?



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