The Fun In Watching Grass Grow

Black Friday? No, just one register out of 20 open at Walmart again.
Black Friday? No, just one register out of 20 open at Wal-Mart again.

dear har-old,

the prisoner of patience watches the grass grow.

mowing the lawn is wasting your own time.

your eyes get moist when you yawn. if watching grass bores you to tears and you cry a river to grow the grass, that’s forcing time.

in that rush hour your car totals.

neighbors complaining your yard is making the area look bad and threatens to cut it for you.

lock yourself behind the blades of grass that are the bars to the prison of patience.

and watch in their moment of impatience of not putting on no protective footwear their own lawnmower chops their feet off.

let no one put a magazine in your hand in the waiting room.

let no one stand behind you in the long line.

let no hot food smell your breath.

let no “loading” cause you to get carried away.

sit in the grass and meditate. your butt will itch. scratch it mentally by simply ignoring it.

har-old, i strategically put Master Of Emotions in front of Prisoner Of Patience for a reason.

the grass makes you patient so eat it like a horse. if someone whips your ass to make you go faster or pulls your neck to make you go slower, kick them with your ‘hind legs. take pride in being ON time. it’s no such thing as being early.





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