Christians Jailed For “Laying Hands” On Disabled Blogger

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Why did you start blogging? Was it because you wanted to share your mirror conversations with the world? Was it because you wanted to share how much you miss your boyfriend … who’s sleeping 3 feet away from you? Or, was it because you wanted to discuss your experiences with aggressive Christians who like to “lay hands” on you? Meet 22-year-young Duke University Grad Megan who started the blog “The Matter With Megan.” Why that name? Because of her rare connective tissue disease called Epidermolysis bullosa, all her life people have asked,”“What’s the matter with Megan?” In post Please Don’t Pray With Me (In Airports) Megan wrote, ”Having a visible disability is like shark bait for ignorant people lacking scruples. I swear, the mere sight of crutches is like blood in the water.” From relating a story at age 15 where she was at an airport waiting to board a flight when two women fell out the sky upon her family and asked her mother, “May we pray with your daughter?” She wrote, “The next thing I knew I was caught in what can only be described as a quite unholy prayer sandwich. The woman and her mother placed one hand on my back and one on my chest and right there, in the middle of the Ft. Lauderdale airport, began to feverishly pray on my body for Jesus to heal me. Between shouts of JESUS CRISTO! and HEAL HER FATHER GOD! their bodies shook violently, as if wracked by father, son, and holy ghost all at once.” To another trip in which a stranger asked her mother if he could pray for her. “I choked out a yes,” she said, “and picked a spot on the pavement to stare at and waited until it was over. He held out his hands and prayed for God to heal me, but with the added twist and flourish of asking God to take the Devil’s hands off me.” This has all got Megan wondering, “What IS it about the fucking Ft. Lauderdale airport?” Answer: It’s located in Florida, Megan.

But the Ft. Lauderdale airport nightmare stories have reached its final chapter after 4 Christians who read her feature in Raw Story and recognized her from her blog didn’t ask to pray for her for a change but asked to pray WITH her for those other Christians. Megan got up the courage to tell them no and to go find those other Christians and pray FOR them WITH them instead of her. The aggressive Christians insisted and persisted and started “laying hands” on her and even prevented her from trying to roll away in her wheelchair. After screaming for help, security came and asked, “What seems to be the problem?” Megan exhaled, “They’re trying to pray for me.” The security said, “Oh, y’all need my help?” and proceeded to join in with the other Christians in a circle with Megan in the middle. That’s when Megan grabbed the security guard’s taser and zapped them one by one. The five were charged with assault and battery for unholy prayer sandwiching. Let’s hope the judge isn’t conservative!

Megan has said this experience has made her not want to have kids. When we asked her why? She said, “Because if I don’t get the religious nuts then I will get the assholes who like to randomly rub on the stomachs of pregnant women.”

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    1. This comment comes off as nothing but an sneaky attempt to get me and my readers to click on YOUR link. Besides the “LOL” I have no way of knowing you actually read the post because you don’t have to read past the headline and tags to leave the type of comment you did. I will edit your comment and remove the link 🙂


  1. What we might recoil from in a strong condition, we are more apt to embrace in a suffering condition. In the day of my suffering, I hope there are zealous believers willing sacrifice their dignity in order to touch ME in the name of Jesus Christ.


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