Man Sues Bus Company For Putting A Crick In His Neck With Their Bad Seats

bus seats that put a crick in your neck

Anybody got change for a $5? Why y’all don’t have a got-damn change machine on the bus! You gone wait on me? I got to go in the store and buy a 50 cent airbag of chips because, you know, the clerk won’t give me change unless I buy something in the store. Greedy muthafuckas!

There are 5 bad seats on the bus. First, there’s the seat behind the bus driver where you have 2 options: Stare at a big black wall for your trip’s duration. Or, make the other passengers jeer you for potentially making them late for work because you’re slowing down an already slow bus by talking to the driver. Furthermore, you can kill everyone because he’s taking his eyes off the road and looking down-right, signaling with his body language that he’s talking to you. Secondly, there’s the seats at the back of the bus that have a louder and hotter area than the rest of the bus because that’s where the inner workings of the bus are. Third, there’s that uncomfortable single-side-facing-seat in the middle of the bus that’s sandwiched between a mini-wall and two-front-facing-seats. Next is the seats at the back of the bus that are … faced to the back of the bus. And finally, there’s the front-side-facing-seats that will have you suing the bus company for putting a crook/crick in your neck as is the case with Lee Hill vs. MATA (Memphis Area Transit Authority).

“I didn’t want to be rude and stare at the people in the other front-side-facing seats. You just have a tendency to look to the front so you can see if your stop is coming up. Plus, you want to make sure the bus is not about to hit something. I want to be prepared,” Hill said. “It takes nearly 2 hours for my stop and before I knew it, I fell asleep looking to the front. My chin was resting on my right shoulder. Then somebody shook my arm like an hour later to wake me so I wouldn’t miss my stop. As I was trying to turn my head left to thank them, my neck started hurting and giving me pain. I jumped up screaming I CAN’T TURN MY HEAD!”

Hill who has since got the crook/crick out of his neck said he is suing MATA for the problems it caused while it lasted (3 days). I lost my job! MATA put a picture of me up on every bus telling drivers do not let me on until the suit was over. Fortunately, it was a picture of me with the crook in my neck so they only knew me from one angle. I tried to get on with the other side of my face but forgot I had to do that weird turn with my body. The bus is my only way to work! My car in the shop! I lost my damn girlfriend, man! She thought I was faking it. She said it was making her feel ugly. Said I was using it as an excuse to look at other girls that passed us while we was walking. Wandering-eye my ass! Not her ass! Somebody in a wheelchair could’ve prevented all of this!” people sitting in the front-side-facing-seats have to move if a disabled person gets on the bus

A MATA spokesperson couldn’t be reached for comment.

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What is your worst public transportation story?


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